Adoption Success Stories

Please take a minute to read just some of the many stories that adopters have submitted to show the world the true meaning of Adopt Love! We've had such a great response from everyone so keep them coming! For more stories, be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page!

Send your story to lhsinfo(at)lexingtonhumanesociety.org and please include a picture of your wonderful family member!


This is Louie. I have had him for over a month and have not loved an animal more than I love him. He is without a doubt the most well behaved and well trained dog I have ever had. Louie is about 4 years old and the best sprited dog because he is really calm when we are hanging out and really engergetic when we go out on walks. When Louie gets really excited, he runs in circles and jumps up on his hind legs while looking at me, he even smiles when he is excited or relaxed.

Louie is a very protective man, but is not a usual "yappy" dog. I cannot wait to go on further adventures with Louie and I look forward to coming home to him when I do not bring him places. I am so happy I adopted him and can honestly say he is blessing to my life. Submitted by Kathleen Boskin.


I adopted Gustav this fall, and already can't imagine my life without him. He is a kind, loyal and willing puppy. Due to his size, some people think he is grown up, but he is only 11  months old (give or take). We go through growing pains every now and then, but on the whole, he is a fantastic dog. Everyone -- from my friends, family and even Gustav's veterinarian -- has commented on how good he really is. It is rare a day goes by that his handsome good looks are not commented on or someone doesn't ask what breed his (All-American mutt!), where I got him (Lexington Humane Society!), or if they can have him (No!). Gustav loves squeaky toys but treats them gently and is the proudest of his stuffed squirrel, which I bought for him on our second day together. I don't know why someone dumped him out onto the streets, but every day I am thankful I ended up with him. Also, a shout out to whoever dubbed him "Gustav" at the shelter. I didn't have the heart to change it. When he is being silly, he answers to Goose, but at heart he is a Gustav through and through. Submitted by Amanda Duckworth.


This is Buffy playing with her new sushi toy. She is the perfect addition to my household and I love her more than I ever thought I could. She has the best temperament and she's my little buddy. She loves playing with ink pens, stealing them off my desk, and cuddling on the couch. She squeaks more than she meows (which is adorable). She is the exact match to my personality and I could not be more grateful to LHS for introducing us. :) Thank you for taking such good care of my girl! Submitted by Tiffany Kennedy.


The moment Hubert came into our home, our eldest dog, Phoebe, fell in love with him. She had never played with the other two dogs, but as soon as Hubert arrived, she was all over him and has been playing ever since. He's now won over our sedentary girl, Millie. He's got her running and playing, too. The moment he entered the house, it was like he had always been there. Like his personality, he jumped right in... and jumped right into our hearts. He is the most loving little guy ever. He wants to be snuggled up to us all the time. I can't imagine our lives without him, and now we don't have to. His three furry sisters love him so much and I know they would have been so disappointed if he had not become a permanent member of our family. He found his forever home with us. Yes, we are foster failures, but everyone wins with this one! Submitted by Kirstie Morgan.


Titan, formerly known as Wizard, was one of LHS's lead pups at the 2011 Beastie Ball. He was adopted just after the event, and has now happily settling into his forever home!





leo_and_kelsey.jpgKELSEY AND LEO

We adopted Kelsey (the gray cat on the right), almost a year ago from the main campus. She was about 5 years old when we adopted her and had been at the society for some time. We picked her because of her "special purr" (she kind of sounds like a pigeon when she purrs) and she has been the most loving cat since the day we adopted her. We adopted Leo (formerly known as Lopez- the white and orange cat on the left) a few months ago, also on the main campus, as a companion for Kelsey. Although he is as big as Kelsey now he is still just a playful kitten. We expect he will be bigger than Kelsey in just a couple months. We also were drawn to Leo because of his uniqueness. Leo is a polydactyl, and has at least one extra toe on each paw. Some people might call them "strange" but we love our cats and would not change them for the world! Thank you LHS! Submitted by Bailey Schrupp.


I adopted I-Chaya (the little black kitten formerly Jaxx) from LHS less than a year ago.  He was a little stray that hardly weighed anything.  I was going back to work and wanted another cat so that my other cat, Piggy (the grey fuzzy one), would not be lonely.  I brought I-Chaya home and Piggy was not happy.  But now they are constantly chewing on each other and playing and running down the hallway like little horses.  The scary things was that I-Chaya turned out to be sick soon after he came home with me and we discovered that he has to have hypoallergenic food.  But he’s a whopping 7.5 pounds now and will actually greet people instead of hiding in my room.  I am so grateful that LHS found him and took care of him for me.  I love both my kittens and am very happy and I think they are too.  (They have me and my roommates trained) Submitted by Robin Franklin.


Dear Patrick and everyone at LHS, I am sending you this email about my recent adoption of a pitbull puppy named Boodle, whom now is named Jaws. I just wanted to update you guys and let you know how great he is doing and how happy he is and what a joy and blessing he has been for my entire family. At first when he came to his new home he was a little shy and unsure of himself but after a few days he made himself right at home and absolutley loves the country. He has a huge backyard and field to play in along with my female pitbull named Roxy. At first Roxy didnt like him but now they play all the time and are getting along great. They both sleep in my bed with me and my husband and Boodle AKA Jaws is very smart and has already learned a few tricks. We are still working on the house breaking thing but I think in a couple of more weeks he will be fine, every dog is different when it comes to house training. Anyway I just wanted to give you guys an update as I know everyone there really cares about each and every animal and wants to know each and everyone is adopted to a good home. I may be back soon as my mom is looking to adopt a dog as soon as she finds one to her liking. I have sent a few pictures to show how Boodle AKA Jaws is growing, he has almost doubled in size since I brought him home it seems. Submitted by Misty Burton.