Black Cats and Halloween

It’s that time of year again: Leaves begin to fall, Jack-O-Lanterns glow, and costumes and candy find their way on to shopping lists – signaling the arrival of Halloween. This is also the time of year when concerned citizens reach out to us about cats, specifically black cats, and ask us not to promote or adopt them out.

There is a common myth that black cats are subject to abuse or ritual sacrifices around Halloween, which, thankfully, is just that: a myth. Several credible organizations, such as Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, Chewy, and Animal Sheltering have all debunked this common misconception. In fact, there is no evidence that adopting black cats around Halloween poses any greater risk to the pets than adopting them at any other time of the year. With this in mind, we’ve listed a few reasons why you SHOULD consider adopting a black cat this Halloween season!

1. They are often looked over

Black cats (and dogs) tend to spend more time in the adoption center environment than other animals. Because they are so common, black animals are often overlooked while those with more intricate patterns tend to stand out and find a home faster.

2. They make great companions

Most black cats love to cuddle and play. They are super sweet and affectionate! Their sleek fur and striking eyes make for a gorgeous forever friend.

3. You can become an advocate

Because black cats are often used in superstition and myths, they could always use more advocates on their side to help counter negative associations. Check out our article that includes some positive folklore surrounding black cats!

Our thorough adoption process remains the same year-round and all potential adopters are required to spend quality time with the animal they are interested in before starting the adoption process. We hope you will consider adding a black cat to your family while searching for your next furrever companion. Click here to view all the cats currently available for adoption at your Lexington Humane Society!

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