Your Lexington Humane Society (LHS) is excited to partner with Central Purrk Cat Café (CPCC) to provide another outlet for cat lovers to enjoy the company of our feline friends who are looking for loving homes. The Central Purrk Cat Café is planning on coming to Georgetown, KY this fall and will be Central Kentucky’s first cat café!

Adoptable cats from LHS and Scott County Humane Society will occupy the cat lounge area in the cat café, which is a separate, completely enclosed space. “A cat café is part coffee shop – part cat adoption center. Visitors can come to the café for some great coffee and baked goods and can visit cats in the cat lounge. The cat lounge provides a “free roam” area for the homeless, adoptable cats and allows visitors to see their true personalities in a more realistic environment.” said Jennifer Judd Hoskins, one of Central Purrk’s partners. “Our hope is that someone falls in love with one and wants to adopt it, but we also encourage people to come in, grab a coffee drink and just spend time in the cat lounge. It’s truly a relaxing environment – for the cats and humans.”

Once CPCC’s Kickstarter campaign is funded, they anticipate beginning the groundwork for the cat café. In addition to specialty coffee drinks and teas, the café will offer beer, wine, and local baked goods and food items from local restaurants. CPCC will also host special events like Yoga with Cats, Trivia Nights, Beer & Wine tasting, and others. For more information on the Central Purrk Cat Café please visit their Facebook page here.