We need your donation NOW, just like these poor animals need our help NOW. And your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact! Your Lexington Humane Society took in more than a dozen dogs and puppies rescued from two separate cruelty and neglect cases this past week. LHS partnered with Animal Rescue Corps to transport these animals in need to our facility where they will receive the necessary medical care prior to going up for adoption. The dogs came from a failed animal shelter in Arkansas. To say these animals were living in squalor—surrounded by hundreds of rats, feces, and garbage—is an understatement. The puppies came from an Iowa breeding facility…a puppy mill. Two words that make us shudder in the animal welfare world. We are happy to report the USDA has revoked the breeding license of the puppy mill owner. LHS works near and far to help animals in need—whether it’s pocket pets from Pulaski County to puppy mill pups from Iowa to a homeless mom and her pups right here in Fayette County. To save these animals takes a lot of work, a lot of love, and a lot of resources.

We’re so incredibly fortunate to be able to partner with other organizations and help them out in their times of need. These animals may have had a rough start in life, but we promise that their stories don’t end here. Because of YOUR support and donations, your LHS will provide them the best care possible. We will ensure their days of abuse and neglect will be long gone and forgotten. Every donation made will be MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar, thanks to the generosity of Patty & Dennis Foster. Donate today and help us make a difference!