Finders-Keepers focuses not only on creating but maintaining happy, healthy, lifelong relationships between owners and pets post-adoption.  Through Finders-Keepers, LHS serves as a resource to pet owners with questions or those in need of advice.

The concept is two-fold, just as the name implies.  First, finding the right pet for the right family and making that perfect match.  Second, providing the resources and guidance to help pet owners keep their pets responsibly and happily for life!

All too often, animals enter into homes that are unprepared for the new addition, have unrealistic expectations about a breed, or simply get in over their heads.  We want to work with you to prevent the “buyer’s-remorse” that can come with bringing home an animal that is not the right fit for your family, lifestyle, and housing situation.  Listed below are some of our Finders-Keepers tools:

  • If you’re just starting to think about looking for the perfect pet (be it a dog, cat, bunny or something else), click on the Resource Center for miscellaneous animal information.
  • If you know you want to adopt a dog, take a look at the Breed Characteristics summary to help you think through dog breed energy levels, exercise requirements, grooming requirements, and other considerations.

Your relationship with your pet is important to us and we’re available to help you make it a lasting and happy one!