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Dog Breed Selection Quiz

Pet Adoption Quiz

Planning your visit to the shelter? This quiz will help find dogs for you based on your home set-up and lifestyle.

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1. Who currently lives in your home or visits regularly?
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2. Do you currently have any other pets in your home?
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3. On an average day, how busy or active is your home?

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When looking at breed listings, consider that many of our dogs are “mixed” breeds, which can mean there are often predominant breed characteristics, but also some variations.  (It can be said that some of our dogs are “mixed with love.”)  If you are uncertain about a particular dog’s personality, ask an Adoption Specialist for more information.

Of course, if you do not currently have a pet and are considering one, and know you are pet-allergic, be sure to consider carefully whether you can live with the allergy before you bring a new pet home. Except in the case of children, who sometimes outgrow allergies, few allergy sufferers become accustomed to pets to whom they are allergic.  Too many allergic owners obtain pets without thinking through the difficulties of living with them.  And too often, they end up relinquishing pets, a decision that is difficult for the owner and can be life-threatening for the pet.

Reprinted by permission of The Humane Society of the United States.