Firework Alternatives

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Fireworks are not good for pets, for people, or for the environment.

Shelters across the country see their highest intake numbers around the Fourth of July holiday. Luckily, you can be a solution to the problem – there are plenty of fun alternatives to fireworks that bring a different kind of spark to your Fourth of July festivities!

Check out a few ideas to help us keep the animals in our community safe:

🔴 Host a laser light show.

More and more retailers are selling laser machines that can be synced to music and provide hours of entertainment. These can be really fun, and unlike traditional fireworks, a little bit of rain or clouds can actually help enhance the spectacle.

🔵 Use confetti cannons.

Similar to fireworks but much safer and not as loud, confetti cannons explode in a colorful pop of confetti. These are great and there are many biodegradable options available!

🔴 Organize a movie night.

By far the safest option, another alternative to setting off your own fireworks is to set up a projector and have a movie night in the yard once the sun goes down. You can put on your favorite film or find a live stream of any number of larger fireworks displays across the country or the world.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

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