Foster Care

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Become a foster parent

Our Foster Care Program asks community members to open their doors and provide a temporary home to LHS animals.

Fostering is a highly rewarding experience that benefits our animals and is fun for you and your family!

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Our Preferred Partner, Camp Bow Wow, is an amazing partner in giving our foster dogs the best care and fun they deserve with free doggy daycare! Sign up to foster to learn more!
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Foster homes help animals decompress from the stress of living in the shelter.

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Fostering is a great way to teach kids about responsible pet ownership, compassion, and helping others!

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Allows you to have the companionship of an animal without the lifelong commitment of adoption.

LHS is able to provide foster parents with supplies and medical care to set our foster parents up for success thanks to donations from the local community.

How do I sign up?

After receiving the application, our foster care team will reach out to you to explain the program in greater detail


Not able to foster but still want to support our foster care program?
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Adoptable Adventures

Tag along with the Lexington Humane Society foster animals as they search for their forever homes!

Why Foster?

Many of our dogs and cats cannot go directly to adoptions – It's only with the help of foster homes that we are able to save these animals and many more.

Responsibilities of a Foster Parent

  • Provide a safe, and clean environment.

  • Provide exercise and socialization if appropriate

  • Monitor for physical and mental wellbeing

  • Transport to/from vet appointments

  • Transport to/from offsite adoption events

  • Isolation from other animals in the home is recommended for a minimum of 10-14 days



Focus: The adopter's preference

Searching for: The best match between adopter and animal.

Commitment: For life

Goal: Be the animal's forever home

After: Be your animal's best friend


Focus: The foster animal's needs

Searching for: A workable match between foster and foster animal.

Commitment: For a temporary time period

Goal: Help the animal heal and get ready for adoption. Find the animal a forever home.

After: Pick up another foster animal in need.

As a foster parent, you are an invaluable part of the Lexington Humane Society’s (LHS) life-saving team. You make an impact on community animal welfare by directly shaping the future of your foster animals and by helping LHS care for and find forever homes for thousands of animals.

Each year, thousands of special-case animals are helped through our foster care program… and with your participation, we can help even more!

Some animals in need of fostering are simply too young for adoption, need extra love and socialization to become confident family pets, or are recovering from a Second Chances program surgical procedure. Fostering gives us the opportunity to provide all of these special animals with what they need until they are ready to find their forever homes.

-Susan Malcomb

President of Lexington Humane Society and fellow foster parent