They count on us, can we count on you? Please make your donation now to help us support animals in need.

Every week is a busy week at LHS. After all, saving lives is urgent work. However, the last few weeks have been exceptionally busy in our efforts to save animals near and far. 2021 ended with us assisting animals in crisis from Iowa, Arkansas, and closer to home in Bowling Green; continuing our efforts to help our surrounding county shelters; and providing exceptional care for our homeless but hopeful animals right here in Lexington. Our New Year’s wish was to see less need for such crisis intervention but, sadly, 2022 has started as 2021 ended with so many animals in need and our team ready to meet the challenges. Here are just a few of the animals saved already:

- A discarded dog fighting for his life, barely half the weight he should be, with fractures in both legs that will require surgery once he is strong enough. Nevertheless, Huckleberry is still so accepting of love and is gaining strength and weight in his foster home. Read his letter to Ethan here.

- Another dog wagging her tail through the pain as her injuries, resulting from abuse and neglect, are treated and slowly heal. This sweet girl, Lillah, wants to be petted, but her wounds are so severe that we can only shower her with caring words. (Details are omitted as not to impact the open investigation; more information will be shared at a later date.)

- Days before a major snow event headed our way, we received word of another breeding operation being shut down in Spencer County. Our help was needed, not only to rescue some of the dogs but to help with the urgent task of getting all of the 100+ canines to safety before the storm. Our team was eager to help. Big Ted, pictured, is just one of the animals we were able to save.

- A sweet sheep who had been hit by a car needed our help to heal from her injuries. Cozy and secure in her stall, she quietly delivered a lamb in the dark of night. Mom was too weak from her injuries to properly care for her new baby, so the lamb, Delilah, was placed in emergency foster care and has now been adopted into a forever home. Check out a cute video of her getting the zoomies here

As you can see, the need is great and the work is intense, but we will continue to do everything we can to help the animals who need us most. These efforts are expensive. Your donations allow us to continue to save lives #nearandfar. Please donate and share with your friends and ask them to donate. We need everyone’s support!