Park Community Credit Union and the Lexington Humane Society have created an exclusive partnership that will be huge for the Bluegrass! Together, PCCU and LHS have created a debit card to provide support for the local charity. Although this may seem like an odd partnership, it fits because charities and credit unions have a lot more in common than you might think. For instance:

  1. Park Community Credit Union is not-for-profit...just like the Lexington Humane Society. It is all about helping the community!
  2. Members of Park Community elect a volunteer Board of Directors to represent their interest. Lexington Humane Society is also led by a Board of Directors who puts the animals’ best interest in mind all the time.
  3. Credit unions use money to help people. LHS uses their funds to educate the community on responsible pet care and the compassionate treatment of all animals.
  4. Park Community Credit Union is a full service financial institution. In the last year alone, the Lexington Humane Society adopted out 5,000 animals into loving homes, spayed/neutered 7,500 cats and dogs, and placed nearly 600 animals in foster homes.
  5. Park Community is open to the community. The Lexington Humane Society provides homeless animals’ exceptional care across the community for as long as it takes to find them forever homes.

The Lexington Humane Society debit card is NOW AVAILABLE at all Park Community Credit Union Bluegrass locations (Lexington, Richmond, and Berea). There is a $5.00 fee to get the card; however, that entire fee comes back to Lexington Humane Society to help animals in the area! 

The most important aspect of this new partnership is to make our community a better place and to keep animals safe until they find their forever homes! Park Community and the Lexington Humane Society look forward to an extensive partnership that continues to make the Bluegrass a better place.