Panleukopenia Recovery Kittens

Lucy and her friends caught Panleukopenia a few weeks ago. They have recovered from the virus and are no longer on medication, they need time to gain weight before they can have their spay or neuter surgery.


While these kittens can’t get sick with Panleukopenia again, they are still carrying the virus and can get other young kittens sick. Humans and dogs cannot get panleukopenia, and cats who are fully vaccinated are safe as well.


Homes that foster Panleukopenia recovery kittens should limit the kittens to one easy-to-clean room, and be prepared to do a deep clean with a diluted bleach solution after the kittens leave.


Here is a link to some information about Panleukopenia


Let us know if you have any questions or would like to foster one at:

[email protected]

Approximate Age: 8 Weeks

Pet Location: Main Adoption Center

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