Bingo is a 2 year old hound mix. He is currently undergoing heartworm treatments and is needing foster care until January 30th when he will be able to go up for adoption. He will need to be brought back for her next treatments on December 28th and 29th. Dogs undergoing heartworm treatments always require their activity level to be kept low/restricted for their own health and safety. As the killed heartworms are being broken up, they must slowly exit the heart. Exercise could elevate the heart rate and force out a large worm clot which could be life-threatening.


Bingo has been treated with a heartworm preventative that kills heartworm larvae, in addition to receiving treatment to kill adult heartworms, which means he is no longer contagious to other dogs.


Bingo is very relaxed and enjoys playing with toys that squeak until he can’t get them to squeak anymore!

What else should I know?

  • Reduced activity level


Are you interested in fostering this dog? Email us at: [email protected].


Pet ID: 239709

Color: Red/White

Gender: male

Approximate Age: 2 Years

Looks Like: Hound mix

Mature Size: medium

I’m in Training: no

Does Well With Other Dogs: meet-and-greet-required

Apartments: yes

Positive Cat Interaction: no

Does Well With Children: yes, all ages

Pet Location: Main Adoption Center

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