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She came in like a wrecking ball. No, seriously—she came, she saw, she destroyed (toy after toy after toy). There IS a reason why we call Ginny a “wrecking bull.” But, despite her somewhat over-the-top zest for life, we love her here at the Lexington Humane Society!

The first thing you should know about Ginny is she has no “off” button. She plays hard, and then plays harder. This 4-year-old boxer mix is a big believer in enjoying all of life’s luxuries. Tennis balls? She’ll take at least 3 at once, please. Indestructible Kong toy? Sure, why not? Ginny will enjoy it for about 5 minutes before making you question the product’s advertisement. Naps are overrated in her playbook.

Ginny is strong, and we don’t mean she doesn’t cry at commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan’s angelic voice. We mean she is STRONG, like you better have good knees, elbows, and grip strength. But, like most dogs, she can be easily distracted by treats and redirected when out on walks—especially by using toys. Her Train-A-Bull (TAB) volunteer recommends using an easy-lead harness, and Ginny recommends you walk to the left of her because her right side is her best-looking. Ginny understands the importance of online shopping and receiving mail, so no need to purchase one of those fancy little camera doorbells. She will personally let you know if someone is at your door delivering mail or packages. If only every home had a Ginny! Please note, because of this feature, Ginny is not suitable for apartment living. As you can see, Ginny’s not broken. She’s not defective.

There isn’t anything wrong with her. She’s just, well, Ginny. What’s the problem then? Why has Ginny spent 1,000 days in our shelter? We think the better question to ask is HOW has she spent 1,000 days in a shelter and stayed so happy and enthusiastic? At LHS, it’s because of our incredible volunteers, staff, and enrichment programs that are available to cater to a shelter dog’s needs. Thanks to our TAB program, exclusive Henry’s Houses, enrichment tools, and activities, we are able to commit to our homeless but hopeful dogs for as long as it takes to find them a home to call their own. For most dogs, it takes a few weeks to find a new home; for others, it takes a bit longer; and for Ginny, we’re now at over 1,000 days.

Ginny is happy and healthy, and she loves her life. Our volunteers take her for daily walks, car rides, and romps in our play yards. They allow her to spend the end of each day relaxing on a couch in one of Henry’s Houses—well, her idea of relaxing is ripping a few dozen stuffed toys to shreds. Ahh, what peace it brings her. Ginny does what she needs to do to stay positive. And we do what we can to keep her that way. If she wants to play hard with toys, have at it. Not many dogs could handle over 1,000 days in a shelter, but Ginny can and has.

Every dog deserves a home, but Ginny has proven she REALLY deserves a home outside of our Adoption Center. Life these days is crazy. Have some fun and spend it with a dog that acts even crazier! Adopt Love, Adopt Ginny at LHS!

Pet ID: 215431

Color: Black/White

Gender: female

Age: 4 years 10 months (as of 11/8/22)

Breed: Boxer mix

Mature Size: medium

I’m in Training: no

Apartments: no

Does Well With Cats: no

Does Well With Children: yes, over the age of 10

Pet Location: Main Adoption Campus

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