If you see my profile, I’m still available for adoption!

Hartley is currently in a temporary foster home. If you are interested in adopting Hartley, fill out an application HERE and a member of our team will reach out to set up a meet-and-greet!

Learn more about adoptable animals living in foster care on the LHS Foster Tails group here.

Hartley’s Foster Parents have said:

“Hartley is such a joy to have around. I’ve quickly learned there are only three things that really matter to her- naps, food, and outside (and I don’t blame her). She makes friends everywhere we go, she is so well behaved and people love meeting her. She loves the car, we go for rides all the time and it does not matter if it is pouring rain she wants her head out the window every single time. She really enjoyed the snow we got and playing around in it. Although I learned to keep a watchful eye- at first I thought it was cute she would sometimes dig in the snow until I realized she was finding rabbit poop and trying to eat it :/ We took a trip to visit my parents and she did so well! She really loved running around the backyard with their dogs and running the fence line with the neighbor’s dog. It only took her about 5 times to figure out how to use the doggy door. She also didn’t care about the chickens at all. I think she got surprised when she ran past their coop and they spooked but she didn’t try to get at them or really seem to mind them.
Her biggest struggle is alone time. I’m not exactly sure what contributes to it because sometimes she is perfectly fine and sometimes she is not. She doesn’t chew anything but she did tear a large section of the carpet up (pulled from the tack strip) and I think it would be the safest option to try crating so she doesn’t potentially hurt herself. Despite this small inconvenience, she really is a good dog. I’ve only heard her bark a handful of times, she doesn’t beg, she listens to commands really well, she is an amazing walker on leash, and she is genuinely just a lovable dog.”

Pet ID: 261653

Color: Black

Gender: female

Approximate Age: 5 Years

Looks Like: Labrador mix

Mature Size: medium

Long-Term Resident: Yes, Over 100 Days

I’m in Training: no

Does Well With Other Dogs: meet-and-greet-required

Apartments: yes

Positive Cat Interaction: unknown

Does Well With Children: yes, over the age of 5

Pet Location: In-Home Foster

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