If you see my profile, I’m still available for adoption!

Hemsworth is currently in a temporary foster home. If you are interested in adopting Hemsworth, fill out an application HERE and a member of our team will reach out to set up a meet-and-greet!

Learn more about adoptable animals living in foster care on the LHS Foster Tails group here.

Hemsworth’s Foster Parents have said:

“Hemsworth is a great guy! He does really well with my boyfriend’s dog and listens to her cues when she tells him she didn’t appreciate him trying to bulldoze her. He’s also doing well with my cat, although I do have to remind him that hisses mean we’re done playing. He loves pets, especially a good scratching session! He’ll even try to join in when you find the special spots along his ribs! He kennels really well and while he doesn’t like to be kenneled in a different room from the people, he will settle down after a while. We tried to tell him he wasn’t allowed on the furniture and he would listen, but I couldn’t resist that face for long, and couch cuddles are his favorite! He does have a bit of a jealous streak and will be protective of his toys and try to block the other animals from reaching us people but with some reminders, he’ll redirect. He’s a goofy goober of a boy but he listens really well. I noticed he tends to make a break for open doors, so we’re working on sitting and waiting for the release before we go through doors and he’s doing really well with that. My boyfriend gave him a bath after a muddy day and said he did great! In fact, the only thing we’ve had to worry about is food time. We’ve discovered that during people food time, it’s best to kennel Hemsworth. Otherwise, he gets worried that the other dog is getting special food and then they get into tiffs.”

Pet ID: 262326

Color: Blue Brindle/White

Gender: male

Approximate Age: 3 Years

Looks Like: American Pit Bull mix

Mature Size: large

Long-Term Resident: Yes, Over 30 Days

I’m in Training: no

Does Well With Other Dogs: yes

Apartments: yes

Positive Cat Interaction: yes

Does Well With Children: yes, all ages

Pet Location: In-Home Foster

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