If you see my profile, I’m still available for adoption!

Oscar is currently in a temporary foster home. If you are interested in adopting Oscar, fill out an application HERE and a member of our team will reach out to set up a meet-and-greet!

Learn more about adoptable animals living in foster care on the LHS Foster Tails group here.

Oscar’s foster family have said:

“Oscar spent several days with us during a break from shelter life and showed us that he is a sweet, lovable fella that wants nothing more than to be with his people. He is the definition of a velcro dog, following you from room to room to ensure nothing bad happens to you or to ensure that he’s not going to miss out on any fun.

Oscar is a very neat boy, having no accidents in the house even overnight in his crate or the times we left him out. He’s a rockstar sleeper, going into his crate with ease and sleeping peacefully through the night. He’s a heck of a snorer when that deep sleep hits but it’s very sweet, knowing he can relax that hard after a day of walks and playing. He typically let me know when he needed to go out and promptly did his business without issue. He also ensures his bowl and any stray food crumbs are cleaned up with Hoover-like precision. Oscar is a goofy fella with a happy demeanor and would love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with his person. During his time with us, he endured a couple of showers and while he’s not a fan, he easily allowed us to lift him into the shower and was a very good boy for the duration. We also practiced basic commands he has learned during his time in the shelter. He is very good with sit and stay which came in handy on walks when encountering other animals. He is also a champ at paw shakes and “leave it” when it comes to treat time.

His most favorite things in the world are food, treats and a peanut butter filled Kong. His excitement over food causes him to scarf it down in record time so putting some obstacles in the bowl for him to nudge around seemed to help slow him down a bit. Additionally, his exuberance about treats means he can sometimes nip fingers when taking treats but never, ever in an aggressive manner…he just can’t help his love of treats. Since he’s a big goofy fella that doesn’t know his own size, we do agree that a home without small kids might be best. And any and all stuffed toys should be kept well out of reach or you might find them exploded all over the house. Whoops! He’s a diamond in the rough and deserves a loving home with folks that will enjoy taking him on walks and snuggling on the couch.”

Pet ID: 239453

Color: Red

Gender: male

Approximate Age: 3 Years

Looks Like: Pit Bull mix

Mature Size: large

Long-Term Resident: Yes, Over 100 Days

I’m in Training: no

Camp Bow Wow Camper: yes

Does Well With Other Dogs: meet-and-greet-required

Apartments: yes

Positive Cat Interaction: unknown

Does Well With Children: yes, over the age of 5

Pet Location: In-Home Foster

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