Virginia Beagles

4,000 Beagles are currently being rescued from a mass breeding facility in Virginia. As you can imagine, these poor dogs were kept in horrible conditions. With shelters experiencing a record-high number of animals in care, it's a huge undertaking to make sure these thousands of Beagles receive the medical assistance they need and the forever families they deserve.

Your Lexington Humane Society is one of the adoption agencies that has stepped up to do our part in helping these poor animals who have never known a better life. But we can't do this without you. Your support is what allows us to assist the animals not only in our community but those beyond our state lines who also need our help. These dogs deserve a new beginning; the opportunity to experience life in a loving home. Can we count on you to continue your life-saving support? We urgently need your financial assistance in caring for these Beagles and the 400 other animals currently in our care. We mean it when we say every little bit helps! Simply make a donation below or text BEAGLES to 41444.

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With hundreds of animals already in our care, along with the extra medical expenses, our resources are stretched pretty thin. We're grateful to be part of a community that cares about the animals as deeply as we do, and we know you will be by our side as we take on this endeavor to provide a better life for animals in need. These Beagles may never have experienced love, but together, we can make sure that's all they'll ever know from the moment they walk through our doors and throughout their lives in forever homes.