Please note: Masks are required for all customers, volunteers, and associates. Safety has always been our priority. Things changed so much in the last year, we are looking forward to getting back to “normal”! 

So…what does that mean for our customers?

  • We have learned a lot through this pandemic and one BIG thing we noticed was a drastic improvement in animal health and behavior
    • Less visitors = Less stress on the animals
    • Less visitors = Less sick animals
  • As we adjust to the new changes, we will limit visitors to adopters only. Please no recreational visits at this time.
  • Have children? No problem. For your safety and the safety of the animals, please only 3 children under the age of 12 per 1 adult.
  • Want to adopt? Great! Come on in and let our Adoptions staff know; no appointment required.

Our volunteer program, birthday parties, and tours will reopen later in the summer/fall. Please check out each program page for updates.