10 Fun Words Every Pet Parent Should Know


Hi there, I’m Dixon and I’ve been waiting over a year to find my forever home. I know that’s a long time but at least I’ve been able to grow my vocabulary since arriving at LHS! I can’t wait to impress my new family with what I’ve learned but in the meantime, I’d love to share it with you. Here’s my list of 10 fun words every pet parent should know!

1. SNOOT (noun): The nose or snout of a dog.
“Did you see the snoot on that Dachshund?!”

2. BOOP (verb): When you affectionately poke an animal on the nose. “I’m gonna boop your snoot!” *Doesn’t count unless you actually say “boop.”*

3. SQUISHY (adjective): An animal that has really cute rolls. “That puppy is so squishy!”

4. WITTLE (adjective): When an animal is so small and cute the word “little” just isn’t good enough. “Look how wittle that kitten is!”

5. BLEP (verb): When an animal’s tongue is slightly poking out of their mouth. “Look, my dog has a blep.”

6. LOAF (verb): When a feline lays in a position that closely resembles a loaf of bread.
“My cat likes to loaf in the warm sun.”

7. DERP (noun): A goofy animal that is sometimes clumsy. We all know the one.
“Gosh my dog won’t stop being such a derp but it’s adorable.”

8. FLOOFY (adjective): A really, really fluffy pet.
“I brushed my cat today and he is so floofy!”

9. BEANS (noun): Toes or paw pads that resemble jelly beans. “Look at those wittle beans!”

10. DOGGO/PUPPER (noun): Can be used interchangeably with “dog” or “puppy”.
“Aw, look at the doggo named Dixon, we should totally adopt him!”

Visit Dixon at our main Adoption Center located at 1600 Old Frankfort Pike or call 859-233-0044 x 236 for more info! Do you have any fun words you’d like to add to Dixon’s list? Comment them below!

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