Honoring Black History Month in Animal Welfare

Most of you are already familiar with the incredible legacy of Booker T. Washington; born into slavery then later known as a leading intellectual of the 19th century. Mr. Washington was an educator, presidential advisor, author, orator, and (*Presidents Day Fun Fact*) the first Black person to dine at the White House.

What you may not know, however, is that he was a lover of animals, too! Mr. Washington formed a branch of the Bands of Mercy, which pledged kindness and justice to all living creatures. Humane education was a central component of Band of Mercy activities, as was bringing people together (usually children and teens) to prevent and stop animal cruelty in their area. They sang songs, held meetings, and put on plays to protect animals and help spread awareness.

We’ve found we share many of the Band of Mercy values within our own organization, and with our partner organization, Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control, too. It’s pretty cool to see how so many people, including notable history makers like Booker T. Washington, have come together over the years to be a voice for the animals we all love so much!

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