Mythbusters: Black Cats

Halloween is just around the corner! The season brings to mind pumpkins, full moons, and black cats. Myths would lead us to believe black cats bring bad luck into our lives or black cats are at risk for Halloween mischief. 

Black cats are often overlooked in shelter environments because of their dark fur. It’s easy for our eyes to be drawn to brighter colors first. But we also know that black cat myths largely contribute to the list of reasons black cats wait for their forever families longer than other cats might. It’s hard to know where these myths originated from and why they persist. Especially considering there are cultures that value black cats as sources of good luck in our lives. 

Some positive folklore about black cats include:

  1. To dream of a black cat is lucky
  2. A black cat appearing on your porch brings prosperity to a homeowner.
  3. Finding a white hair on an otherwise black cat is lucky

Your Lexington Humane Society knows negative myths about black cats are simply untrue. There is also research that assures us cats of any fur color are at no higher risk for unkindness than usual at Halloween time. We hope when you come in to visit, you’ll pay special attention to our black cats, and adopt love in time for the holidays – including Halloween!

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