National Pitbull Awareness Day

Here at the Lexington Humane Society, we love our pitbulls. However, it breaks our hearts to see so many of them struggle to find their forever homes due to misconceptions about their breed. Many of our long-term residents here at LHS are pitbulls or pit-mixes who just want a loving owner and a comfy couch. In honor of National Pitbull Awareness Day, we are going to debunk common myths about pitbulls and explain why you should adopt a pitty of your own when the time comes!

Myth 1: Pitbulls are not safe to have if you have children.

Many people believe that pitbulls are too aggressive to be around children, but could not be further from the truth! Research shows that before pitbulls were demonized in the media, they were considered “Nanny Dogs” because of their calm temperament around children. For over 100 years, pitbulls were trusted to love and protect children – just like a nanny would. The Lexington Humane Society understands that all dogs are individuals and their suitability to go home with small children must be determined on an individual basis, as well. Rather than making assumptions based on breed, we test for things such as food possession, toy possession, pinch and pull, how gently a dog takes something from our hands, and how rough a dog jumps on us or plays with us. This testing gives us tangible information about a dog rather than an opinion about who a dog might be based on their breed, and, therefore, allows our adoptions staff to make the safest decisions about homing dogs with children.

Myth 2: Pitbulls are aggressive toward people.

Aggression towards people is, again, a very individual struggle for dogs. While breed attributes can play a role in behavior, we cannot point fingers solely at a dog’s breed for an explanation of aggressive behavior. So it’s never fair to make these assumptions!  Pitbulls LOVE humans! If you have ever met a pit bull, you know this to be true. The American Temperament Test Society found that pitbull breeds have a passing rate of almost 85% compared to the passing temperament rate of the general dog population which is 77%. They crave attention and approval from their humans. Some experts say that pitty puppies prefer humans over their mother earlier than any other breed of dog.  Once you’ve bonded with your pitbull, they will be the most loyal and lovable companion you’ve ever had.

Myth 3: Pitbulls are one breed.

Nope. “Pitbull” actually isn’t even a breed; it’s more like an umbrella term for multiple breeds. These breeds include American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. “Pitbulls” come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure – they make amazing pets.

In honor of National Pitbull Day, we here at LHS encourage you to come and meet some of our loving, adoptable pitbulls and pit-mixes. Even if you are not in a position to adopt a pitbull, you can still advocate for the pitbulls at LHS by becoming a volunteer for the Train-A-Bull program. Learn more about our Train-A-Bull program here!

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