The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Did you know studies have found that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets? Our furry friends have the power to bring so much bring joy and compassion to our lives. Adopting, fostering, and even visiting with pets can benefit our lives in so many ways.

Reduce Anxiety: Furry friends have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress. Imagine coming home from a stressful day of work to your companion, waiting at the door, ready to love you. Being able to pet, hold, and love on a pet is proven to be calming to those who suffer from stress and anxiety.

Increase exercise: Taking care of a pet means making sure they have plenty of exercise. This, in return, results in making time for your own exercise. Planning for daily walks with your companion can mean reaching daily exercise goals without having to put in the effort of going to a gym. Daily walks also allow time for you and your furry friend to create a special bond.

Companionship: Taking care of a pet offers you a lifelong companionship and can make you feel wanted and needed. As weird as it may sound, most pet owners talk to their pet. Being able to have a furry friend there to talk to reduces feelings of loneliness and sadness. The bond between an owner and a pet is something unbreakable.

Unconditional Love: Having a furry friend is a unique form of unconditional love. Your pet may not be able to speak, but they say so much with their actions. They are there for you on good and bad days, and they never see you for your mistakes.

Sense of Belonging: Similarly to unconditional love, a pet offers a sense of belonging. This world can often make us feel very lost, but having a pet reminds us that we’re needed. A pet depends on you for everything – food, water, bathroom trips, and walks. Having a pet means always feeling like you are needed and belong in your furry friend group.

Structure and Responsibility: Another important benefit of taking care of a pet is the structure they offer. To have a pet, you need to understand that they will be your responsibility. Pets require a daily feeding routine, an exercise schedule, training, and so many other things that are important to their well-being. To stay on top of everything, a schedule is necessary. Even on lazy days, your pet needs to stick closely to their schedule. This structure and responsibility can be good for someone who struggles with depression and/or finds it hard to stay motivated, as this will require them to be present with their pet.

Adopting, fostering, and visiting with a furry friend can offer so many benefits to our lives. Remember, owning a pet is a big responsibility because that pet depends on you as much as you depend on them for your mental wellness. Reach out to your local animal shelter or visit to determine the best way for you to add value to your life by spending time with pets!

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