What are Barn Cats?

🐱 Barn Cats (sometimes known as “Working Cats”) are healthy cats that often lack the socialization level to be traditionally owned pets. They can be feisty or nervous around humans, but thrive when they have a safe space, work to do, and limited human contact. This “work” is most often controlling rodent populations.


🐱 Barn Cats are looking for a home on a farm or rural property that will consistently provide them with food, fresh water, and shelter. They will need to be confined for the first 3-4 weeks to ensure they become acclimated to their new environment and caretaker. All available Barn Cats from LHS have previously lived outside.


🐱 Because many Barn Cats do not crave human contact, please do not force them to interact with you, as this may result in being bitten or otherwise hurt. While some Barn Cats are more social around people than others, and it is possible to build a relationship with them, they should not be viewed as a “pet” to cuddle or play with. Additionally, some Barn Cat candidates are cats that have lived outside their entire lives and might be very social, they just have no interest in living indoors.


🐱 All Barn Cats adopted from LHS are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and receive the Combo test for FeLV/FIV. They are specifically marked as Barn Cats on their profiles on our adoptable Cat/Kitten page and potentially on our Farm Animal page.


🐱 For more information on LHS Barn Cats, please reach out to our Community Cat Program at (859) 233-0044 ext. 261, or at [email protected]!

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