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LHS is horrified to think of the torment inflicted on this abandoned pup, now named Felicity (which means great happiness), by her abusers, not only because of the chemical branding burned into her skin spelling out a profane word, but the constant pain she surely endured during what had to be a lengthy healing process.  Our goal with every animal in our care is to find them a forever, loving home.  We do not want Felicity to be identified or limited by the profane and degrading scar on her side; she is a beautiful girl who deserves a beautiful, pain-free life.  Our Second Chances Fund will help provide her the plastic surgery and special care she needs to better present herself to potential adopters. 

Our Second Chances Fund has been severely depleted this year because of the sheer number of cruelty, hoarding, and neglect cases LHS has been called upon to remedy.

Please. Help us continue our life-saving work for animals like Felicity and donate to our Second Chances fund TODAY!


Your gift at work

Rescue a dog/cat from a crisis situation =$100

Provide an orthopedic surgery for an injured animal = $200

Offer an abused dog or cat a fresh start =$300

Show an animal in need how much you care = Priceless


If you would like to donate an amount other than the choices given below, please feel free to call 859-233-0044859-233-0044  x 0 and we would be happy to take care of your donation personally. Thank you for your support!

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