Our Green Team Initiative

Did you know that your Lexington Humane Society has a dedicated Green Team comprised of several staff members? Thanks to the Green Team Initiative, we have been able to create a green culture at LHS that will not only lessen our carbon footprint on the environment, but also reduce our organization’s fiscal expenditures. Our current focus is on recycling, decreasing energy use, and reducing food waste!

Our Green Team is currently in phase 2 of 4 of The Green Initiative. In our efforts to “go green” and help the environment for our two and four-legged friends, we are no longer using shredded paper or newspapers for cage or catbox liners. Here are some other things we have been able to accomplish so far:

• The printers throughout the building have been set to automatically print double-sided in order to save paper
• A large recycling dumpster has been delivered and is in use
• Recycling bins have been placed in each department
• Automatic light switches have been installed in restrooms, break rooms, and other common areas
• Color-coded food scoops are in use that coordinate to how much food small, medium, and large animals should receive
• New pre-rinse spray valves have been installed on the water hoses that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Sense Standards

Lexington Humane Society Green Team with their loyal helper, Judi.

We are excited to continue our Green Team Initiative and look forward to moving on to stages 3 and 4 in time. The third phase will address water and energy use throughout the building and try to maximize our efficiency and cut costs, such as converting to HE washing machines that could save our organization a drastic amount on water and electric costs. While the fourth phase is complex and expensive, our goal is to convert to tankless water heaters, HE dishwashers, and solar power within the decade.

We are fortunate to have not only help the animals in our community, but to be able to improve the community in which we live.

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