Second Chances


The Second Chances Program was developed as a way to provide extraordinary treatment for our shelter animals in need of special medical treatment...

Lexi, a 10 year-old Shih Tzu is one of many Second Chances stories. Lexi came to us in dire condition. Upon examination, our on-site veterinarian determined exploratory surgery would be necessary. After surgery Lexi was given a guarded prognosis and was placed in foster care. Thanks to weekly urinalysis examinations, continued medical attention and extra TLC, Lexi has made a full recovery and has been adopted into a loving home. This is just one of hundreds of heartwarming Second Chance stories. Second Chance funding assists with intensive surgeries, diagnostic work, equine rescue, prescriptions, formula for foster care, and special food for animals that typically would not be given a second chance. Having an on-site veterinarian and in-house pharmacy allows us to stretch our dollar further, in turn helping a greater number of special need animals each year. Typically an amputation surgery would cost at least $800, however we are able to perform the same surgery on-site for approximately $250; bladder surgery normally costs up to $3,000, yet our cost is only $1,000. The average amount spent on each Second Chance animal is approximately $1,000.

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