Second Chances

The Second Chances program was developed as a way to provide extraordinary treatment to our shelter animals in need of special medical treatment that goes beyond normal care.


We provide thousands of homeless animals a second chance at a new life with every rescue we save, every medical treatment we provide, and every adoption we complete. But one special dog took us at our word, literally.

Aptly named “Ghost,” this 1-year-old American Bully arrived at our medical center after being in labor for days and suffering from a failed delivery. Ghost needed emergency surgery but was weak after days without proper care. She was suffering from infection and loss of hope. Our staff veterinarian knew it would be a risky surgery. As she began to operate, Ghost went into distress and died while on the operating table.

Miraculously and defying the odds, our exceptional medical team was able to revive Ghost. As is common in these situations, Ghost woke up blind, deaf, and with limited motor skills. Our team worked diligently with her to encourage improvement with diet, exercise, compassion, and patience. Slowly, Ghost’s motor functions returned, then hearing, and sure enough, her sight eventually returned as well.

Ghost has since been adopted into a loving, forever home. We’re so grateful to have been able to provide this sweet girl with the medical care and attention she needed.

It is YOUR support that allows us to provide animals a literal and figurative second chance at life. This is just one of hundreds of heartwarming Second Chance stories!

Second Chance funding assists with intensive surgeries, diagnostic work, equine rescue, prescriptions, formula for foster care, and special food for animals that typically would not be given a second chance. Having an on-site veterinarian and in-house pharmacy allows us to stretch our dollar further, in turn helping a greater number of special need animals each year. Typically an amputation surgery would cost at least $800, however we are able to perform the same surgery on-site for approximately $250; bladder surgery normally costs up to $3,000, yet our cost is only $1,000.

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