How we Give Love, Teach Love, and Adopt Love!


Give Love

  • Campbell Family Senior and Hospice Program: Provides medical diagnostic tests, specialized veterinary treatments and medicines, and daily expenses for pets at LHS in need of hospice care. Program sponsored by The Campbell Family
  • Foster Care: Thousands of LHS animals are saved through our network of invaluable foster parents every year. Program sponsored by Merck
  • Project Purrfect: Improves the lives of felines in our community through spay/neuter, adoption, and enhanced health and wellbeing for cats awaiting adoption. Program sponsored by Nancy T. Barron II
  • Second Chances: Allows us to provide specialized medical treatments and procedures for our critical and special needs animals. Program sponsored by Beaumont Family Dentistry

Teach Love


  • Volunteering: Our amazing volunteers are critical to the success of our outreach activities and life-saving programs
  • Internships: Our interns receive invaluable experience while assisting with a large number of activities at LHS

Adopt Love

We have no time limits on our animals and will spend an unlimited amount of time working to find loving homes for happy, healthy animals

  • Train-A-Bull: Provides specialized training and enrichment to our stronger dog breeds awaiting adoption. Program sponsored by MetLife Pet Insurance
  • Check Me Out: Provides enrichment and socialization to dogs available for adoption