Thanksgiving Pet Safety

During this time of year, we express our gratitude for the people and things in our lives that make every day better. Most pet owners would include their fuzzy BFF on that list of things to be thankful for. We want our pets to know we love them, but it’s important to remember to love our pets in the healthiest ways possible. This Thanksgiving, be mindful of the safety of your pet with these helpful tips:

1. Think Before You Feed

Thanksgiving is often associated with showing love through food, but we want to make sure that we aren’t causing more harm than good when we show our pets love with leftovers. Some things to keep your pets away from are onion and garlic (can cause anemia), animal bones (can splinter and cause internal damage that leads to surgery), bouillon (can cause hypernatremia), and baked goods (can cause pancreatitis). Consult your vet and do your own research about the treats you can show your pets love with! 

2. Keep Pets Out of the Kitchen

Sneaky pets could ingest something when you look away, could pull something off the counter and burn themselves or could cause someone to trip while busy cooking. To protect your furry family members, try quiet-time in their crate or letting them spend time with family in another room while the kitchen is bustling with Thanksgiving dinner prep. 

3. Caution While Travelling

People often need to travel to be with loved ones for the holidays, and plenty of people plan to bring their pets along when they travel back home. Before you head out on the long journey, make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing ID tags on a collar or harness. A microchip is, statistically, the driving force to reunite your pet with you should they become lost. Keep cats and small animals in their traveling crates when moving them to and from the car and the house. Have your dog wear two points of contact when in a new environment – a leash clipped to a collar and a leash clipped to a harness – so that if one leash fails there is a backup attached while you regain control of the situation. 

Your friends at the Lexington Humane Society are wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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