Your support saves lives!

Did you know LHS takes care of all kinds of kinds? From near and far, from feathers to fur. If a homeless, adoptable animal is in need, we try to help.

It is your kindness and support of LHS that makes it possible. As a strictly donation-based nonprofit,  LHS is all about doing more for less. We receive no government funding and our ability to save lives relies on the generosity of our dear donors. So, the more donations, the more animals we can save from crisis situations. Animals like Jasper, who arrived as a stray at a small, rural shelter who could not treat a heartworm positive dog. Fortunately, LHS could spend the money to care for him for the 3-month-long heartworm treatment, so we did—all thanks to your kindness. 

We helped 12 pet rats find loving homes that, otherwise, wouldn’t have stood a chance in a small shelter, a bunny with an injured leg, a cat saved from a fire who needed intensive care, and so many more. Just this year alone, LHS has extended our reach to bring in almost 1,500 animals from other counties, even states, making our total number cared for close to 5,000.

If you are willing to donate, we are willing to do all that we do for the animals. Here is your chance. Make a donation TODAY and help save a life!  

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