Campbell Family Senior And Hospice Program

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The James L. and Dee S. Campbell Senior and Hospice Pet Care Program will provide for medical diagnostic tests, specialized veterinary treatments and medicines, and daily expenses for pets in LHS’s care in need of hospice care. Every pet in the program will be sent to a loving LHS foster home with a comfortable bed, kennel, leash and harness, toys, and other comfort items. All food, including prescription diets, will be provided. The health and wellbeing of these special fosters will be closely monitored and evaluated throughout their time with their foster families.


In tribute to her late husband and in celebration of his extraordinary life and love for others, both humans and animals, Dee Campbell has generously created a new senior and hospice pet care program with the Lexington Humane Society (LHS).

The James L. and Dee S. Campbell Senior and Hospice Pet Care Program will provide a new “leash” on life for dogs and cats who enter into LHS’s care with advanced medical conditions, yet may have good months or even years ahead to enjoy life in a loving home. Through Jim and Dee’s life-saving contribution, these animals will be medically evaluated, treated, and placed into specialized LHS foster homes.

Dee Campbell is tremendously inspired by this opportunity to make a difference. She shared, “Through this gift to launch a much-needed new program for our community, I can directly save and improve lives, both the lives of the precious animals who still have hearts full of hope and the special humans who foster, giving these pets love and a happy home. By partnering with the Lexington Humane Society, I can invest in the next 100 years of even greater success with caring for the animals here. Most importantly, I can be a true champion for upholding the values that James and I share with LHS.”

We are honored by the Campbell Family’s support and to be part of the legacy of James Campbell.


For questions about surrendering your ill or senior pet please contact our partner organization, Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control, via 859-255-9033 x 233.

A note from our president:

"As a foster parent for over 30 years and an adopter of many senior and hospice dogs, I know firsthand how rewarding it is to care for an animal during their final years. You can join me as a senior or hospice foster parent or adopter to make sure animals with limited time left are cherished in their final days.

LHS and I are overjoyed by the support of the Campbell Family. The family’s commitment to our lifesaving mission and their gift of LOVE will allow us to care for the old with their silver faces and hearts of gold. The Campbell Family’s support means the world to us and the animals."

-Susan Malcomb - President

Program Success:

Mimi, a 10-year-old Boston terrier, came to LHS as a stray with dental, eye and skin issues, and an upper respiratory infection. Her ailments required extensive care beyond the standard scope of care we provide to each of our animals. Because of the Campbell Family Senior and Hospice Pet Care Program was Mimi able to receive the medical diagnostics and treatments she deserves. Now, she is living with her foster parent while completing heartworm treatment. We are excited that she should be available for adoption later this spring, and we know it won’t be long until she will be in her forever home living out her golden years.


"Fostering senior dogs has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Watching them heal physically and mentally from years of neglect, abuse, or just losing their former home is magical. Over the past few weeks, I’ve helped Mimi with her skin issues by giving her healthy food, salmon oil on her food, and soothing oatmeal baths. It really doesn’t take much more than love and patience to bring an old dog back to life. Mimi is priceless to me."

-Lori Tincher - Foster parent

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