Foster Parent of the Month: June 2019


Meet Erika, our Foster Parent of the Month! Fostering is a highly rewarding experience that benefits homeless animals and is fun for you and your family.  As a foster parent, you are an invaluable part of the Lexington Humane Society’s (LHS) life-saving team. We asked Erika to share about her experience as a new foster parent, read more below!

Why did you decide to foster with the Lexington Humane Society, and what motivates you to continue?

I started fostering with LHS because I saw how many kittens needed foster homes. I wasn’t ready to commit to adoption, so the short term fostering of kittens was a great way to have a pet, but know they would go up for adoption and find their new homes quickly. I continued to foster because it is relatively easy to care for weaned kittens and it is super fun to watch them grow and change. Plus, you get all of the best, most adorable kitten cuddles!

Since becoming an LHS foster parent, what have you learned and has it caused you to see anything differently now?

I was always a dog person so fostering kittens was a real learning curve to learn how cats work, but I had so much support from LHS that I knew someone would be able to help no matter how silly my questions seemed. Watching some challenging kittens start to thrive and eventually find their forever homes is so rewarding.

What would you tell others who are thinking of fostering?

For anyone considering fostering, I’d definitely recommend just trying it. Foster parents receive so much support from LHS, including all the supplies. Some fosters only need a couple of weeks of care and are eating on their own. For me, these older kittens were a good introduction into fostering.

Erika and her foster kitten, Maude.

We’re so thankful for Erika and all of the LHS foster parents! Click here for more information about this life-saving program or to sign up as a foster parent today. Special thanks to our foster care program sponsor, Merck Animal Health.

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