Foster Parent Resources

We're so excited to have you as part of our lifesaving team! Here are some tools and tips that you can refer to while you are fostering a pet for us.

How You Can Reach Us


Afterhours Emergency ONLY

Your Foster Team

  • Casey Woods
    ─ Foster Care Manager
  • Asa Wildenstein
    ─ Foster Care Specialist
  • Alyssa Curtis
    ─ Foster Care Veterinary Technician

Foster Resources

LHS Foster Care Orientation

Canine Foster Care Manual

Feline Foster Care Manual

Levels of Emergency and Contacts

Foster Care Agreement and Waiver

Private Foster Group

We'd love for you to join our Facebook page to meet other LHS fosters. You can share your
pet's photos on the page, ask questions and communicate with other foster families.

Thank you

For Fostering An LHS Shelter Pet!


Adoptable Adventures

Share posts about your adoptable Lexington Humane Society foster animals, and help them search for their forever homes!

Animals in need of Foster Care

Medical Fosters

Adoptable Animals Seeking Foster Care


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Interested in fostering kittens or puppies?

We use an on-deck system for all of our kitten and puppy placements, including moms with babies needing foster care. By filling out an On-Call Form each time you are available, you are letting us know you can be contacted to come to pick up kittens or puppies ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have picked up fosters, your On-Call Form responses will be deleted. You will need to fill out this form again when you are ready for your next group of fosters.

More Foster Resources

Medical FAQs

If it is an emergency (please refer to the Levels of Emergency Document above), and it is after hours, please call our After hours Emergency line at (859) 229-4588. If it is not emergent and can wait until the following day, please contact the foster team the next business day.

Making a Medical Appointment

In many situations, we can provide at-home care recommendations to avoid unnecessary trips to the shelter. In some situations, the sick animal will need medical treatments and will require a visit to the shelter.

Awesome Pet Photos

5 Tips For Awesome Pet Photos

1. Get on their LEVEL

Getting down on your foster pet's level will create more personal portraits and highlight their unique features.

2. Use BURST or PORTRAIT mode

Most cellphones have a burst or portrait mode, use these to your advantage! These modes work best when there is plenty of light, so consider using them when you're by a window or outside.

Awesome Pet Photos New
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3. Make NOISE

Making noise or using a toy is a great way to get your pet's attention and get them to look at the camera. Make sure you're ready to snap a photo when they are looking -you might even catch them in an adorable head tilt!

4. Notice your ENVIRONMENT

Some of the best photos come from an environment that's well-lit and uncluttered. If there are too many objects in the background, it can take away the focus from your foster pet, and a dimly lit photo can come out grainy

5. TIMING is everything

Use key moments throughout the day to capture their true personality-nap time to show their calm side, and playtime to show their goofy side. Bonus tip: put their bed by a window to get good lighting!

Marketing Your Foster Pet

Our Marketing Team at LHS is happy to share your foster pet’s photos and videos to help get them adopted. Be sure to tag us on social at

Email your photos to [email protected] and fill out your foster pet's bio in the link below to have them featured as an LHS Pet of the Day!