How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help the Lexington Humane Society, your pet, the community, and yourself!

Become a Constant Companion

Become a monthly donor and provide continuous support to the thousands of animals LHS cares for each year.


LHS’s invaluable volunteers help with adoptions, pet partnering, special events, yard work, light office work, doggie banks, and much more.  Become a part of our life-saving volunteer team!

Opt To Adopt

When looking for a new pet, opt to adopt one of the thousands of homeless pets LHS cares for every year. By adopting, you not only get a new best friend and devoted lifelong companion, but you help us to save even more lives.

All our animals are already spayed/neutered, 25% are purebred, many are already house-trained, and we also have many small or exotic animals.

Become a Foster Parent

Sometimes LHS receives animals that are too young or sick to go up for adoption and in need of a temporary home environment for special attention and TLC.  Foster care is an extremely rewarding way of donating time in the comfort of your own home while giving an animal a second chance at life. Program sponsored by the Maggie Griffis Memorial Sponsorships.

Donate to LHS

The life-saving work LHS does is reliant on the generous donations of individuals and businesses.  Every year our needs are greater as we work to save more animals and expand our community-based programs.

Donate items from our Wish List

Our life-saving programs are solely reliant on private donations and community support.  While cash donations are best since we can purchase food and supplies at a nonprofit discount, there are many items that we use daily and are happy to have donated.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Spay or neuter your pet

Every year, millions of homeless dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens enter U.S. animal shelters, many due to irresponsible and accidental breeding.

Do your part and always spay/neuter your pets! For information on Spay’sTheWay, LHS’s free and low-cost spay/neuter program, click here.

License your pet

Licensing your pet in Fayette County is not only the law, but the right thing to do.  Licensing revenue supports critical animal care and control services in the community including cruelty investigations, stray animal pickup, and return-to-owner services.

Your pet must wear its license tag at all times.  For information on licensing your pet, click here.

Make regular vet appointments

Proper vet care helps maintain the health of your pet and protects the community from the spread of animal diseases and parasites.  State law requires that cats and dogs (over 4 months) are current on rabies vaccinations and wear a rabies tag at all times.  Talk to your veterinarian about other yearly vaccinations and parasite control.

Microchip your pet

Nationwide, only about 30% of lost dogs and 2-5% of lost cats are reunited with their worried owners partly because they were not wearing ID.  You can improve your pet’s chance of being reunited by making sure he or she has a permanent microchip ID.  A uniquely coded microchip is injected under your pet’s skin providing your contact information when scanned at animal shelters and vet hospitals.

For information on getting your pet microchipped, click here.

Keep your dog on a leash

Fayette County has a leash law for dogs; make sure your best friend is secure on a leash or behind a fence at all times to prevent an accident.

Report Animal Abuse

If you witness suspected abuse or mistreatment of an animal in Fayette County, please contact Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control, LLC immediately at (859) 255-9033.  Your information can be kept confidential.